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Fall 2020 PDC

Cost : TBD

Dates:  August 14-23, 2020. 

Venue: K-State University





KPI Fall Permaculture Design Course 2020 will be taught as a 10 day intensive course at K-State University, Kansas. Students completing this course will be able to:

  • Describe the challenges facing our current economic and agricultural systems and how the principals of permaculture provide sustainable solutions.

  • Understand how permaculture ethics and principals guide sustainable agriculture systems design.

  • Apply the systems of permaculture design to solve problems in real-world situations from conceptual frameworks through installation and maintenance.

  • Explain the dynamics of biologically rich and diverse soils, soil development and conservation and why healthy soil is vitally important to a sustainable food system.

  • Plant perennial polyculture systems from no-till raised bed gardens to cultivation of food forests. Understand how to maintain a perennial food production system.

  • Create landscapes that harvest water, influence microclimates and build soil structure.

  • Embrace energy-efficient approaches to building construction, energy conservation, renewable energy sources and resource utilization.

  • Utilize livestock to improve soil structure and biodiversity in dry climates.

  • Recognize invisible structures and social systems that create the fabric of our lives and communities.



    The Fall 2020 PDC offered at K-State University, KS will feature multiple hands-on activities where students will:

    • Propagate perennials from cuttings, root divisions and by grafting

    • Preserve the harvest by canning, lacto-fermenting and dehydration

    • Plan, plant and tend annual vegetables

    • Cook with solar ovens

    • Make compost

    • Use a landscape compass, sight transit and laser transit to find contours on a landscape

    • Use multiple design softwares to create professional looking designs


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