Summer 2021 PDC at Kansas State University

Summer 2021 PDC at Kansas State University


Cost : $750 ($250 deposit required to secure registration)

Venue: Kansas State University


  • June 4-6, 2021 (8:00 a.m - 8:00 p.m.)
  • June 25-27, 2021 (8:00 a.m - 8:00 p.m.)
  • July 16-18, 2021 (8:00 a.m - 8:00 p.m.)


Meals are included in the course fee as are all materials for the course.  Lodging will be paid by the individual based on the arrangements made.  Camping on-site is free and shower facilities are available.  An additional list of available lodging in Manhattan will be forwarded upon registration.  Classes will run into the evening hours, so participants are encouraged to stay locally.


The Summer 2021 Permaculture Design Course 2019 will be taught as a series of three, 3-day weekend sessions at at Kansas State University's Willow Lake Student Farm in Manhattan, Kansas. Students completing this course will be able to:

  • Describe the challenges facing our current economic and agricultural systems and how the principals of permaculture provide sustainable solutions.

  • Understand how permaculture ethics and principals guide sustainable agriculture systems design.

  • Apply the systems of permaculture design to solve problems in real-world situations from conceptual frameworks through installation and maintenance.

  • Explain the dynamics of biologically rich and diverse soils, soil development and conservation and why healthy soil is vitally important to a sustainable food system.

  • Plant perennial polyculture systems from no-till raised bed gardens to cultivation of food forests. Understand how to maintain a perennial food production system.

  • Create landscapes that harvest water, influence microclimates and build soil structure.

  • Embrace energy-efficient approaches to building construction, energy conservation, renewable energy sources and resource utilization.

  • Utilize livestock to improve soil structure and biodiversity in dry climates.

  • Recognize invisible structures and social systems that create the fabric of our lives and communities.


This community PDC is open to both students and community members. If you want to obtain college credit for your participation in this PDC, you'll need to register through KSU's Global Campus.  Everyone else may register here.

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